Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yesterday evening we had the surprise of our lives . . . I went to step out onto our porch to enjoy a cup a coffee and hundreds of honey bees were latched onto my two-cup hummingbird feeder! They were buzzing too and fro. I ran back into the house to fetch my hubby and we watched from door discussing what to do. The poor hummingbirds couldn't even get near it to get a nourishing drink. Finally I realized the water hose was close by. So I handed the hose over the railing to my husband and said when I get to the top step spray the feeder and I'll rush and get it and bring it in the house. It worked successfully and after awhile the bees left and I put the feeder back out until it got dark. I put the feeder back out this morning and by the time we got home at 4 p.m. the bees were back in full force and the feeder was completely cover. We went through the whole process again, however, what to do about it permanently.

In the twenty years we have lived here there hasn't been even one honey bee interested in our feeder, I don't get it . . . did they just now discover this treasure house sweetness or are they traveling bees from a near by farm. Hard to say, but my hummingbirds are not happy and neither am I and need a solution without harming the honey bees. Honey bees are dying off and I really don't want to add to their demise. Any suggestions out there?

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