Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey All! So sorry I haven't kept up with my blog over the past couple of weeks. I've been pretty busy in my studio. Had our photography workshop August 1st out at Moraine State Park which was a fabulous and enlightening evening. Our class was taught by professional photographer Kim Vensel. I have also taken a few photo excursions when I've been in town to run errands and have included my photos from the workshop and my little excursions.

This is a wasp and her nest that she has fixed to the top of a window on the side of the one of the buildings at Moraine. Looks pretty mean and ready to strike if I got any closer.

The photo to the left is of a small Dogwood Tree in a friends front yard. This will be one that I will sketch out to paint over the winter months. I love how there is just a smidgen of pink on the edges.

Well I best get back to work and get stuff cleaned up for the night.

Blessings to all! Have a wonderful evening . . . until next time.