Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi Friends! Its another beautiful day, a little muggy but still pretty.

The other day I shared some photos with you and I have a few more to share today. This first picture
Daryl inspecting the progress, 1983
was taken by Daryl who caught me off guard as you can see by the expression on my face. We were in the process of organizing and packing things in our apartment to move into our new home in Maine. We hadn't had time to accumulate much back then, we had been married only 4 years. The other photos are of the construction process of the house. We had a wonderful place, just over two acres of nicely wooded property in a very quiet neighborhood. We were still in our twenties.
Not quite ready for moving into.

The last picture is me taken on my 30th birthday in the break room at Renaissance Greeting Cards where I worked as the Assistant Advertising  Manager. I loved that job and everyone I worked with! It was a wonderful place to work.

Time has certainly changed, not only me but our residence. It seems like light years ago that we were there and now twenty-four years later we are here in Western Pennsylvania.
30th Birthday.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time . . . surely has brought us thus far . . . along this long road home. I was searching through old photographs today looking for pictures of my Dad's lobster boat and other pictures of Kittery and Pepperell Cove in Kittery Point Maine where I spent much of my time as girl. Looking back I realized I have wandered too far from home. Funny how that happens and time escapes us, before we know it we are no longer little girls but older women, too much older.

We will be married 35 years December 29th—you figure the math.
Me October 1977, 4 months before I met Daryl

Thought I would share some of these photos with you.

This picture was taken in my parents driveway in Maine. It was my 23rd birthday.  The next photo is Daryl, my great looking date to the beach. It was still pretty much winter when I took this picture in March of 1978. Then our wedding pictures December 29, 1979. I will continue this tomorrow with additional pictures.
Daryl, my good looking date!
Just Married!
Our wedding reception.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here today. We might even go for a nice bike ride later.

I was busy the past few days working on a new painting titled "Four Friends." I finished it up yesterday morning and thought I would share it with you. Each chair belongs to one of four of my dearest friends.

This was a fun painting to do and I really want to do a few more of these types of paintings. I love the ocean and its character changes with the weather. I want to show these different characters in future paintings.

Have a blessed day all!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Monday morning to you!

I had some curious on-lookers this morning as I was packing my art supplies and camera in the car. With each snap of the camera the little brown calf in front would jump and prepared herself to take flight if need be. So cute!

Well I'm heading out for the day, I'll be traveling around throughout the day to take some photos. Hopefully I find lots of interesting subject matter.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Afternoon blog friends!

Its rainy here in Western PA again today. :(  I'm getting pretty tired of it. It seems like our biking riding this summer has been slim pickins'.

I entered one of my paintings in our local Farm Show today along with a set of my snowmen greeting cards and a photograph. My hubby also entered one of the wooden games he's made. We'll see if we win any prizes. I'll let you know in a few days.

Teaching another drawing class tomorrow, which is really a lot of fun for me. Kids learn fairly easy and have great imaginations. After I'm through there I am going out to some outlying areas to take some pictures provided its not raining. Hopefully I'll find some interesting subject matter.

A small group of Bible study friends and I formed a book club last summer and have been enjoying it a great deal. I've read some fantastic books. I just received a new book titled "Persecuted" and can't wait to dive in. I've heard it's a page turner and Iwon't be able to put it down—I love those types of books! The more suspense the better. I'll let you know what I think as soon as I'm finished. The book is based on the movie that opened in theaters on July 28th. If anyone gets to see the movie I want to hear your opinion!

Well have a wonderful week!