Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hello Friends!

What a joyful day I had today. I found out that I didn't have to drive bus today that a mistake had been made that worked out for my benefit. So my friend Barb came down from Shippenville today for a visit and we took a trip to the new Whole Foods in Wexford. We had a blast. I had been to the store before with my friend Colleen, but this was Barb's first time here. We stopped at Olive Garden on the way home for lunch, had their soup, salad & bread stick special--it was yummy!

After Barb left I made an apple cinnamon coffee cake for dessert for our company. Daryl's sister Beth and her boyfriend Ted came for dinner, burgers on the grill, chips and dessert. We hadn't seen them for quite some time and had a really nice visit. Ended up going to bed around 10, just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

My friend Dale just returned from Thailand with some phenomenal photos. There were two that interested me in particular of her petting a beautiful adult tiger. Dale was willing to share them so I could use them to do a couple of paintings. So be looking here in the near future, you may see them posted before mid summer.

That's all folks!
Check back next Saturday morning to see what's happening at the studio.