Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hi Blogger friends!
Christmas is almost here and another new year is approaching. I have been working on a new series of snowman. This year the proceeds will be given to a young couple's missions efforts in Thailand. Their work there is extensive and incredible. Here they are, I hope you enjoy them!
Merry Christmas
and a very
Happy New Year

Friday, November 4, 2011

Back in the spring I promised pictures of my finished studio and here they are. I still have one item I am waiting for that will go on the wall above my art table. It is decorative vinyl lettering that reads: Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." It's author is unknown. I absolutely love this quote and the truth of it. We were created in the image of God, Who is the ultimate Creator and Artist—Just look around you at all the beauty on and in this Earth.

I know this looks too uncluttered to be an art studio. This shows the smaller right side of my brain—organized, neat, clean—however when I'm in deep painting my studio takes on that crazed, look!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good morning!
For several years I have illustrated and painted for a small business "Just Around the Block." They specialize in keepsake memory buildings mounted on wooden blocks as the one I painted for them here. If your church or local historical society is interested in having a building done, you can contact Just Around the Block. I have posted their business information in my sidebar, or email them at:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Good morning! Thought I would share this latest bookmark I painted. It is a nice reminder of the Sermon on the Mount and how important is for us to grow in our walk with the Lord.

All of us has a life experience, a trial or circumstance, that will affect and help another who is struggling with a similar situation. It is at that point of impact that we reflect the light of Christ.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer is flying by and still haven't been to the ocean, so I brought the ocean home . . . well a wave at least.

I really could use a nice long vacation on some tropical beach away from civilization; no phones, no TV, just relaxation.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wow another beautiful day in western PA. Hi everyone! Would like to tell you about this little treasure of mine. I bought him with a gift card I received for Christmas four years ago. He was so cute I just couldn't bear putting him outside to catch rain drops, so I decided to use him to hold my watercolor brushes at my art table. Meet Iggi (with a long g sound). I actually stole the name from a friend's sister who had a Lab named Iggy. I thought it was such I cute name I couldn't resist using it but I changed the spelling, and the name seemed to fit my little hedgehog to a T.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day America! We are still free lets fight to keep that liberty and freedom. That is what makes American Great, there is no other country like it on the earth.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi All! What a beautiful day, perfect actually, warm sun, nice breeze, perfect temperature . . . can't get any better than that.

I'm getting ready to start on a new series of Snowman Christmas Cards. I have wonderful new characters to add to the line of my Frameable Art. Just in case you haven't seen any of last years here are a few and there is one on my initial post.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hi every one,
Its Monday and what a beautiful day it is. Had a chance to think about sharing my testimony last week and the impact it had on the women of each club as well as on myself.

I had been praying that the Lord would give me a boldness and He has. It is not easy for me to share my testimony, it dredges up those trials in our own life that we would want soon not to remember. But if it helps another pass through the storm they are facing, and realizing that they need Jesus to go with them, then it is so worth it. If just one person invites Jesus into their heart, what could be so much more valuable than having Christ . . . nothing compares . . . nothing!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good morning to all!
I finally had the opportunity to share my testimony at two Christian Women's events yesterday . . . I was a nervous wreck! Both went extremely well though. One lady gave her life to Jesus and if I encouraged encouraged or planted the tiniest of seeds in others . . . Praise the Lord!

Today I will share again at another Christian Women's luncheon—yes I am still nervous but I know the Lord is with me and speaking through me and keeping me calm.

I had brought a couple of bookmarks with me yesterday that I had painted a head of time to bless both chairpersons. I've included them in this posted. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a third done to bring with me today but will send it along with a thank you to them next week.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I create a light (but not too light) a wash with these colors. First I mix a light wash of cobolt blue as shown here. Then I add small amounts of Davy's Gray until I get a greenish gray color (see the photo below on the left).

I then add a tiny amount of purple lake until I have a gray with a slight purple hue. I realize it is hard to see the actual color in the photo below. Just be careful not over do it on the purple lake.

Once I achieve the suitable coloring I select my escoda 5/0 1212 Kolinsky watercolor brush to paint over my penciled lines around and in the area that I will be painting yellow. You will have to keep stirring the watercolor mixture to keep it from separating as you work. Don't worry if the lines are on the light side. Let dry and erase your pencil lines. You could actually cover all the pencil lines of your sketch should you desire as this color will blend in well.

Good morning from Western Pennsylvania! We have finally had three beautiful sunny days in a row and I am truly grateful for all three. I saw on the weather that we are to have another week of rain (blahhhhhhhh!). I'm hoping it is not going to be another rainy summer.

I have a three new bookmarks completed with a fourth in the works but I had to put all painting on hold while I finished renovations in my studio. It has finally taken shape, but I still have to decorate and adorn the walls with some art as you can see by my previous blog entry.

The first bookmark is a gift for a friends daughter who is in the military and came to speak at our women's fellowship night. The second and third are surprise gifts for a friend.

If you ever have the opportunity, check out the 13 fold meanings of the folded flag that is presented to a fallen soldiers family. The meaning of each fold will touch your heart and leave a lasting impression upon it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hi Friends!
Wow we have sunlight! It has been such a rainy spring here in Western Pennsylvania as well as many other areas of the US. Our yard was beginning to look like a pasture ready for haying.

We finally have finished with the renovation of my studio. Now I have the fun part of decorating. I temporarily put up a white valance until I decide what I'd like to put around the window. I'm considering grape vine with white tea lights and blue sapphire flowers and with some type of berries wrapped and draped over the rod. I have some blue sapphire silk with lotus blossoms on it that I brought back from a missions trip to China along with a hand painted rice paper and silk wall hanging that has John 15:5 in Chinese on the front with grape vines and two small birds. I have a brown vinyl wall lettering decor on order that reads "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life," hopefully to arrive in a few weeks.

My husband Daryl so kindly set up my new drafting table today that gives me lots more room to work. Overall I am very pleased with it. I've included some pictures for you. Will post more as I finish the decorating.