Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Okay the "Bee Man" came this evening, assessed the bee situation, found their nest at the top of a snapped-off cherry tree in our back yard. He felt it would be best to leave one of his hives here, baited to entice the queen and her drones out of the nest and into the hive. He took my hummingbird feeder covered with honey bees to the hive and shook them into it. "Yum" they said and moved in. He hung the feed back up and gathered another swarm and shook them into the hive as well. Now we are hoping the rest of bee clan will find their new hive and move on in. Here is a picture of the bees starting to congregate on my hummer feeder. Man am I glad that is taken care of. The only down side is I can't put my hummingbird feeder back out for a couple of days, I hope my 35 to 40 hummers don't leave permanently. I'll be bummed!

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