Friday, August 31, 2012

We are members of a couples Bible study that we've belonged to now for about 15 years. One of the couples is leaving due to a new job out of state. We are very sad to see them leaving but hope the very best for them. I am not one for saying good-byes and this couple will truly be missed.

I remembered a book that we both read "Some Wildflower in My Heart" by Jamie Langston Turner. One of the main characters is Birdie Freeman, a remarkable character. Birdie became a common thread between us, Pam even had the same job that Birdie has in the book. She's not far off from Birdie's personality either.  So what better gift to give than one of my watercolor snowmen, she's a snowlady actually, and represents Birdie Freeman and is holding a wildflower, a Cosmos.

Pam is an incredible person, and she mirrors Birdie Freeman in her walk with the Lord. I am really sad to see her and Dave leave.

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