Saturday, June 21, 2014

Its been a long jump from April till now and my apologies for not keeping up with my blog. I have been pretty busy getting some paintings long over due finished, and I am nearing the finish line. I have one left and I am waiting for a photo from a friend so I can complete it and get it mounted, framed and off in the mail to her. There you have it.

I have a couple of personal paintings I am also working on. One is a set of colorful beach chairs, each  representing a close friend. The other is a white bengal tiger and I have a few other animals in the works too. I am excited to have the extra time to put into painting this summer, to get a little ahead.

As you know my husband and I will be retiring in a couple of years and we are preparing for that as well as planning our next adventure, an art gallery. We want to not only feature our work but works of other local artists in the area we are relocating too. We want to keep the cost down so the artist isn't overwhelmed and has an opportunity to show their work and not be soaked financially to do it. Hopefully we will be making our final destination decision within the next few months. We have narrowed it down to four places, Elkin, NC; Wilmington, NC; Beaufont, NC; or Stuart, VA. We will let you know.

I have some baby news also, the eastern bluebirds are finally bring their babies to the mealworm feeder. One family has three little ones and the other just one, at least that's what we've seen so far. I'll keep you posted. They sure are adorable!

Our little wren is back this year too, and finally found a mate after much singing on our clothesline pole. Yesterday while watching them I saw that the male has something stuck to his beak. He worked and worked trying to get it off. It looked to me like it was a small piece of white paper. He stubbled for about 40 minutes before finally getting off. Poor thing. I wanted to help him but every time I approached the clothesline he flew off. I figured he would eventually work it off on his own and did.

Okay all have a wonderful new week, enjoy this beautiful summer weather and I will be talking to you next week.


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