Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good Saturday morning to you! I was up bright and early, got coffee made and a blueberry bagel for breakfast. Daryl enjoyed a french toast bagel. Yummy!

After breakfast and a second cup of coffee I went out to the garden area and planted our veggies. We are still sticking to a small garden so that we have time for some summer fun. We did add two new items this summer and eliminated two. I put in Better Boy Tomatos, King Arthur Peppers, zucchini, summer squash, red leaf lettuce, and green beans. I also planted some basil and Italian oregano in separate pots. We'll see how it does. This is my second year at this and I'm hoping it does better than last year. Although we got a good crop of better boys and green peppers the rest of the veggies didn't do well at all; weather played a big roll in that too as it was hot and dry conditions. Looks like it will be a better year for veggies at least I'm hopeful.

Also want to introduce to you the Allium Schubertii: Ornamental Onion that looks like fireworks. My friend Colleen gave me two bulbs last fall which I planted one in the small garden by our side porch and the second bulb I planted on the opposite side of the house. I was shocked when it had blossomed. Here is a picture of it. It is an amazing flower! As my friend said "it looks like a fairy's wand." Yup it does but more so like exploding fireworks. I absolutely love them. We have a friend we like to give joke gifts at Christmas and it is my understanding that these blossoms will remain like this when it dries. So guess what our friend is getting for Christmas, yup a fairy wand! Thanks Colleen for my bulbs I love them!

We topped our day off with several games of "Agravation" with friends, needless to say I didn't win any of those games   :(    oh well next time!

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