Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is anyone feeling like me . . . troubled about the direction this country has headed the past 4 years? Is there anyone . . . I hope so. I sure would like to hear from you. We are losing our freedom, our liberties, our country! Does anyone care? Please tell me! Because it certainly appears the opposite. I hear people screaming from the conservative side but we are being ignored. Doesn't that scare you? It scares me!

My husband and I are both working, my job, however, ended when school ended—I'm a school bus driver and a freelance watercolor artist. This puts us in a more dire straights situation. I can't imagine how couples with children are making it. I am struggling to pay bills and buy food and there is just the two of us. What is wrong with this picture! Although gas prices have more recently come down, the previous sky-high prices caused not just food prices to skyrocket, but just about everything else as well. This cannot continue to go on or it is going to kill every household in this country. I believe that is what the white is trying to do . . . make us all dependent on them and lose all we own. We are being bled dry. Please wake up America, Please! We cannot afford to allow this country to go down the tubes. This country was once the greatest place to be, and it still is, trust me, but it is headed for desaster. I have traveled to third world countries on missions trips—people are fighting to get to this country for its freedom. Do you see anyone rushing to leave to here? Of course not! This president and his stategically placed friends are deliberately destroying this nation, pitting us against one another, trust me those who do have money have worked hard for every cent they have earned. Without the so-called wealthy people who sign our paychecks, who provide jobs and opportunities for us to also become successful there would be no jobs, no products, etc. If this nation continues to slide beyond recovery we will no longer be able to survive as a free nation, we will be vulnerable to invasion and possible take over by some other country. Is that what you want? No I don't, I like being free, free to worship, free to work when and where I want, the list goes on.

These people who are trying to bring this county down are succeeding and will succeed if we don't stop them.

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