Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring temperatures have felt good this past week and our hope of its soon arrival will be a blessing for sure after all the snow and cold we've had this winter. It is a very welcomed sight. And I know even though
this spring weather is tapping on our door winter is still winter and we could get hit with another storm before spring settles in.

I have two paintings I'm working on together, which is fun. I love to paint. I have one I want to do as soon as I'm done with these two. I am mulling it over in mind as how I want to tackle it. We'll see as I progress with it what I actually do.

I will leave you with this cute curious little doe picture, sent to me by my dear friend. It was taken by their outdoor camera. Sweet!

Enjoy the warm weather! May your days ahead be showered with blessings!


  1. My attitude of I don't care held me captive when a family member used me but the Lord spoke to me about forgiving them and continuing to pray for their salvation.

  2. This picture is so sweet and priceless. It's like he's saying...."hey, why are you watching me!" Love it.


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