Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time . . . surely has brought us thus far . . . along this long road home. I was searching through old photographs today looking for pictures of my Dad's lobster boat and other pictures of Kittery and Pepperell Cove in Kittery Point Maine where I spent much of my time as girl. Looking back I realized I have wandered too far from home. Funny how that happens and time escapes us, before we know it we are no longer little girls but older women, too much older.

We will be married 35 years December 29th—you figure the math.
Me October 1977, 4 months before I met Daryl

Thought I would share some of these photos with you.

This picture was taken in my parents driveway in Maine. It was my 23rd birthday.  The next photo is Daryl, my great looking date to the beach. It was still pretty much winter when I took this picture in March of 1978. Then our wedding pictures December 29, 1979. I will continue this tomorrow with additional pictures.
Daryl, my good looking date!
Just Married!
Our wedding reception.

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