Monday, May 23, 2011

Good morning from Western Pennsylvania! We have finally had three beautiful sunny days in a row and I am truly grateful for all three. I saw on the weather that we are to have another week of rain (blahhhhhhhh!). I'm hoping it is not going to be another rainy summer.

I have a three new bookmarks completed with a fourth in the works but I had to put all painting on hold while I finished renovations in my studio. It has finally taken shape, but I still have to decorate and adorn the walls with some art as you can see by my previous blog entry.

The first bookmark is a gift for a friends daughter who is in the military and came to speak at our women's fellowship night. The second and third are surprise gifts for a friend.

If you ever have the opportunity, check out the 13 fold meanings of the folded flag that is presented to a fallen soldiers family. The meaning of each fold will touch your heart and leave a lasting impression upon it.

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